Our Scalerator


One of the core activities in our Scale Up economic development projects is our innovative, growth-driven Scalerator. We have conducted 20 Scalerators with almost 300 companies in Colombia, Canada, the US, Guatemala, Brazil, and Panama. In every one of these Scalerators, three quarters of the participating companies have shown new revenue growth during the Scalerator and have sustained that growth after graduating. 

Not only does this new growth ignite a virtuous circle within each company, local leaders can use the Scalerator to systematically align the stakeholders around supporting growth the way growth really happens in the real world: step-by-step, win-by-win.

Go to Scale Up Milwaukee, Scalerator NEO, Scale Up Xela to see some of the Scalerator companies’ own testimonies.

Who participates?

Depending on the local economy, participating Scalerator companies have roughly between $1-$15 million in revenues owned by entrepreneurs with a fierce ambition to grow and willing to make the time commitment. Owners typically attend with their teams.

Who pays?

We adapt the payment model to the specific circumstances. Payment is usually a mix of tuitions, government funded scholarships, donations, and success fees based on growth.

What’s the value?

Growth. It ultimately depends on the entrepreneurs – the Scalerator participants – but working with our experienced faculty is like having a team of world class growth-fitness trainers helping participants get new growth. No less important, participants become part of a local (and global) community of like-minded growth-obsessed entrepreneurs who live and work close by.

Each Scalerator is spread over six to seven months, and is made up of several building blocks:

  • Seven 1.5 day workshops focused on sales, people, and money, and how they work together
  • Six challenge team exercises to hack away at growth
  • Growth communications training
  • Mentoring sessions with the faculty
  • The Scale Up Marketplace for sharing resources across companies